Top Skills to become a successful LIC Agent

Every other individual holds an insurance policy that safeguards financially during the emergency period. There are multiple companies out there that offer different policies helping the customer to choose according to the need. However, not every individual carries an idea on how to get the policy from the right insurance company.

This is where the role of an insurance agent comes. LIC agents work as intermediaries between the LIC and the policyholder. One can either work as a full-time agent or part-time agent. Many individuals start working as the agent, before reaching out to the top position that is AAO. Assistant Administrative Officer is one of the top positions which every LIC agent would want to reach. But like every other top post, an aspirant needs to undergo the entrance exam.

Once the LIC AAO exam date is released you can start preparing for the same while working as an agent or any other post.

You will get the LIC AAO to admit card online to appear for the exam. It is the gateway to a promising career. However, to be a successful LIC agent, you need to carry certain skills that would prove beneficial.

People Skills

As an agent to sell the policies, you need to first know the client’s needs. You need to listen carefully to what your potential client is looking for in the policy and whether your company offers the same. This is one way of good customer service that will create goodwill towards the company. Timely response to the phone call and query will certainly work best. Once you connect with your potential customer, you can sell the policy easily.

High Energy Level:

One of the important traits a LIC agent needs to carry is the high energy level that can help in selling up the policy. A worn-down personality can immediately rub off the client discouraging them to buy the policy. Another essential trait falling under it is acceptance or rejection. Not every person would buy the policy stating different reasons. You need to be able to handle rejection and look for the next opportunity.

Product knowledge:

You know that you are representing a company and selling its products. Having least or no knowledge about it can lead to rejection. As a good LIC agent, you need to carry a good knowledge about the product. First read all the guidelines, features, benefits, and other aspects of the policy before you approach any client.

Customers can be smart or newbies, you will come across different types of clients. They will have confusion and questions regarding the product, so you need to be ready enough to solve their queries. So you need to be prepared for the challenges.

Choosing among the Product:

LIC policies fall under different categories, and you can select the one which you feel you can sell. From technical aspects to other features, you need to choose the product having essential features necessary for the individual to purchase. Once you join as a LIC agent, study each product sold by the company. Choose which is in demand, or the one that is new and has the potential for a better sales.

Emotional Connection:

This includes carrying the ability to carefully listen to what the customer is looking for in the policy. Connect with them personally by explaining how the specific policy can help in long term. Be clear and connect emotionally that will help you to sell the product.

Being Honest:

To get good returns from your job, you need to be honest in your work. Be honest in what you are selling and don’t cheat your customers. If the customer finds any issues later or feels cheated, not just yours but the reputation of the company is also at the stake.

To become and be a successful LIC agent, you need to follow these above-mentioned qualities that will help in the long term.

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