JetX vs. Aviator: Which online casino crash game to Choose?

Selecting the best gaming experience between JetX and Aviator is no easy feat. These two thrilling games have recently taken the gaming world by storm and became a part of the list of best casino games, each boasting unique features and varying excitement levels. Deciding which one to choose depends on personal preference and the gaming adventure you seek.

Overview of the JetX Game

JetX introduces players to an exciting gaming experience where aircraft flies across the screen. The game begins when a jet takes off, striving to soar higher. The objective is to cash out your winnings before the aircraft explodes.

  1. The game’s excitement lies in multiplying your initial bet with the aircraft’s coefficient to determine your winnings.
  2. The higher your jet’s altitude, the greater your potential rewards.
  3. JetX presents two compelling features – Auto Collect and Auto Play. Auto Collect conveniently retrieves your earnings, while Auto Play repetitively bets the same amount in each round.

Overview of the Aviator Online Game

Aviator is one of the best casino games and involves a plane taking flight and flying through various coefficients. Your goal is to cash out your earnings before the aircraft vanishes from view.

  1. The multiplier for your winnings starts at 1x and progressively grows until the plane exits the screen.
  2. Timing is of the essence – secure your winnings before the plane disappears.

JetX Game vs. Aviator Online Game

You can find both these games on any best online betting site in India. Discerning the differences between JetX and Aviator proves to be a common query among bettors. While the two games share certain resemblances, they are distinct in their gameplay and mechanics.


JetX, a creation of Smartsoft, embraces action-packed speed as players place bets before the jet embarks on its runway takeoff.

  • To secure winnings, players must cash out before the jet’s explosion.
  • An intriguing facet of JetX is the opportunity to place a double bet, potentially leading to more substantial rewards.


Aviator, crafted by Spribe, brings intensity to the gaming experience. Bets are placed before the plane starts flying, and the key is to collect winnings before the plane disappears.

  •  The multiplier starts at 1x, growing as the aircraft gains altitude.
  • Your earnings are determined by multiplying your initial bet with the multiplier at cash-out time.

Comparing Key Aspects of JetX and Aviator

The following are the essential factors to consider while choosing the Aviator or JetX game:

GameMinimum BetMaximum Bet     RTPSpecial Features
JetX1INR1000INR96.7%-98.7%Auto Play, Auto Cashout
Aviator1INR8000INR97%Auto Play, Auto Cashout

Final Thoughts on Jetx vs Aviator

Deciding which game, JetX or Aviator, will give you the best gaming experience with high winnings totally depends on your preference. Both games are examples of innovation and offer players a unique way to test their skills and strategy. Before choosing any game, check the graphics, interface, RTP, gameplay and features to know which suits your taste.

Whether you choose Aviator or Jetx, you are definitely going to have a captivating gaming experience. So start your gaming journey now!!

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